Data Sheets

Data SheetProduct TypeStyleProduct CodeProduct Range
Freestanding corner basinFreestanding corner basinModernFSBCORNER
ISWB free standing bowlISWB free standing bowlModernFSBISWB
V28 freestanding basinRectangular freestanding basinModernFSBVWB28
Concealed cisternLever action concealed cisternBTWPHACI
Concealed cisternPush button dual flush concealed cisternBTWCOMPACT2
Concealed cisternPush button dual flush concealed cisternBTWVANCI
Concealed cisternTop access push button concealed cisternBTWRIMCI
V42 free standing bowlV42 free standing bowlModernFSBVWB42
Carlton Wall Hung 600mm Two Drawer Vanity UnitFurnitureModernCAWMUSL2 & CAWMU2Carlton
Carlton Wall Hung 800mm Two Drawer Vanity UnitFurnitureModernCALWMUSL2 & CALWMU2Carlton
Linton 450mm Compact Vanity Basin UnitFurnitureModernLICVULinton
Stonely 600mm Semi-recessed Basin Unit FurnitureModernSTOSRBUStonely
Stonely 600mm Short Projection Basin UnitFurnitureModernSTOSPSRUStonely
Stonely 600mm WC unit with concealed cisternFurnitureModernSTOWCUGW & STOWCUDE & GRStonely
Ashby basin pillar tapsBrasswareAtlas CommercialTPASHBASINAshby
Ashby bath pillar tapsBrasswareAtlas CommercialTPASHBATHAshby
Ashby basin mono mixerBrasswareAtlas CommercialTPASHMONOAshby
Ashby basin mini mixerBrasswareAtlas CommercialTPASHMINIAshby
Ashby bath shower mixerBrasswareAtlas CommercialTPASHBSMAshby
Ashby deck mounted bath fillerBrasswareAtlas CommercialTPASHDMBFAshby
Atlas 40cm semi recessed basinSemi recessed basinAtlas CommercialASWHSR40BA1Atlas
Atlas 50cm semi recessed basinSemi recessed basinAtlas CommercialASWHSR50BA1 & ASWHSR50BA2Atlas
Atlas back to wall WCBack to wall WCAtlas ComemercialASWHBWPAAtlas
Atlas 2216 basinBasinAtlas CommercialASWH22BAAtlas
Back to wall ambulant DocM packAmbulantAtlas CommercialDOCMAMBTWWH & DOCMAMBBTWBR & DOCMAMBBTWGRAtlas
Atlas Rimless Back to WallBack to Wall WCAtlas CommercialRIM50BTWPAAtlas
Atlas low level P trap WCLow level WCAtlas CommercialUNWHPLLPAAtlas
Atlas low level WCLow level WCAtlas CommercialASWHLLPA & ASWHLLBCI & ASWHLLPBCIAtlas
Atlas 350mm low level school WCLow level WCAtlas CommercialSC35BTWRIM & SCWHPCIAtlas
Atlas comfort height back to wall WCBack to wall WCAtlas CommercialDOCMBWPAAtlas
Atlas 300mm back to wall school WCBack to wall WC Atlas CommercialSC30BTWRIMAtlas
Atlas 300mm low level school WCLow level WCAtlas CommercialSC30BTWRIM & SCWHPCIAtlas
Atlas low level S trap WCLow level WCAtlas CommercialUNWHSLLPAAtlas
Atlas Wall hung WcWall hung WCAtlas CommercialASWHWHPAtlas
Atlas 350mm Back to wall school WCBack to wall WCAtlas CommercialSC35BTWRIMAtlas
Atlas 560 back to wall rimless WCBack to wall WCAtlas CommercialDOCBTW56RIMAtlas
DocM Concealed CisternDocM concealed lever action cisternCommercialBTWPHACIDOCEAtlas
Atlas 53cm vanity basinVanity basinAtlas CommercialASWHVBA1 & ASWHVBA2Atlas
Atlas 56cm under counter basinVanity basinAtlas CommercialASWHUCBAAtlas
Small Fixing FrameFixing frameAtlas CommercialFRAMESSIAMAtlas
Large Fixing FrameFixing frameAtlas CommercialFRAMESIAMPBAtlas
Atlas Doc M Low Level PackDocMAtlas CommercialLLDOCMAtlas
Atlas Doc M CC 51cm PackDocMAtlas CommercialDOCM51Atlas
Atlas Doc M Economy Close Coupled PackDocMAtlas CommercialEDOCMAtlas
Atlas Economy Doc M Low Level PackDocMAtlas CommercialLLEDOCMAtlas
Atlas 750 Rimless BTW Doc M PackDocMAtlas CommercialDOCM750BTWLH & DOCM750BTWLHBL & DOCM750BTWLHGR & DOCM750BTWRH & DOCM750BTWRHBL & DOCM750BTWRHGRAtlas
Atlas 750 Rimless CC Doc M PackDocMAtlas CommercialDOCM750CCLH & DOCM750CCLHBL & DOCM750CCLHGR & DOCM750CCRH & DOCM750CCRHBL & DOCM750CCRHGRAtlas
Atlas close coupled DocM WCDocMAtlas CommercialDOCMNPAN & DOCMCI & CPKDOCAtlas
Atlas Doc M CC 45cm PackDocMAtlas CommercialDOCM45Atlas
Altas 500 Exposed UrinalUrinalAtlas CommercialURBOW50Atlas
Atlas 750 close coupled rimless WCClose coupled WCAtlas CommercialDOCM750PAN & DOCM750CIAtlas
Urinal Header Tank 9 litre including SiphonUrinalAtlas CommercialURCI9Atlas
Atlas Urinal DividerUrinalAtlas CommercialURSEPAtlas
Atlas smooth close coupled WCClose coupled WCAtlas CommercialASWHSMPA & ASWHSMCIPB & ASWHSMPCIAtlas
Atlas 55cm basinBasinAtlas CommercialASWHBA1 & ASWHPE & NLGWHSPEAtlas
Atlas close coupled WC push button pan ASWHNPAClose coupled WCAtlas CommercialASWHNPA & ASWHPCIAtlas
Urinal Header Tank 4.5 litre including SiphonUrinalAtlas CommercialURCI4.5Atlas
Atlas 50cm Medical basinBasinAtlas CommercialASWH50BAON0Atlas
Atlas 47cm Corner basinBasinAtlas CommercialASWHCBA1 & ASWHBBA2Atlas
Urinal Header Tank 13 litre including SiphonUrinalAtlas CommercialURCI13Atlas
Waterless Urinal PacksUrinalAtlas CommercialURWALES40 & URWALES500 & URWALES600Atlas
Atlas 45cm BasinBasinAtlas CommercialASWH45BA1 & ASWHPE & NLGWHSPEAtlas
Close coupled ambulant DocM packAmbulantAtlas CommercialDOCMAMB & DOCMAMBBR & DOCMAMBGRAtlas
Atlas back to wall bidetBidetAtlas CommercialASWHBWBIAtlas
Atlas 300mm close coupled school WCClose coupled WCAtlas CommercialSC30BTWRIM & SCWHPCIAtlas
18inch low back cleaner sinkCleaner sinkAtlas CommercialCLEANL18SETAtlas
20" High back cleaner sinkCleaner sinkAtlas CommercialCLEANH20SETAtlas
20" Low back cleaner sinkCleaner sinkAtlas CommercialCLEANL20SETAtlas
Atlas 1811 cloakroom basinBasinAtlas CommercialASWH18BAAtlas
Atlas wall hung bidetBidetAtlas CommercialASWHWHBAtlas
Atlas 350mm close coupled school WCClose coupled WCAtlas CommercialSC35BTWRIM & SCWHPCIAtlas
Atlas 750 back to wall rimless WCBack to wall WCAtlas commercialDOCMBTW75RIMAtlas
Atlas 600 concealed UrinalUrinalAtlas CommercialURBOWAtlas
Atlas 400 Exposed UrinalUrinalAtlas CommercialURBOW40Atlas
Atlas 1410 cloakroom basinBasinAtlas CommercialASWH14BAAtlas
Atlas Round 45cm cloakroom basinBasinAtlas CommercialASWHRCBAAtlas
Atlas standard 355mm low level wcAtlas standard 355mm low level wcCommercialSCWH35PAAtlas
Atlas 56cm semi recessed basinSemi recessed basinAtlas CommercialARWHBA1 & ARWHBA2Atlas
Atlas Basin 50cm BasinBasinAtlas CommercialASWH50BA1 & ASWH50BA2Atlas
Atlas standard 300mm low level wcAtlas standard 300mm low level wcCommercialSCWH30PAAtlas
Atlas 55cm Medical basinBasinAtlas CommercialASWHBAON0Atlas
Atlas Square 45cm cloakroom basin
BasinAtlas CommercialASWHSCBA2Atlas
Avensis 56cm basinBasinModernAVNWH56BA1Avensis
Avensis back to wall WCBack to wall WCModernAVNWHBWPAAvensis
Avensis 45cm basinBasinModernAVNWH45BA1Avensis
Avensis SR basinSemi recessed basinModernAVNWHSR55BA1Avensis
Avensis 65cm BasinBasinModernAVNWH65BA1Avensis
Fluted free standing bowlFluted freestanding bowlModernFSB3FAvensis
Avensis close coupled WCClose coupled WCModernAVNWHPAN & AVNWHPCIAvensis
Round countertop bowlRound countertop bowlModernFSB1RAvensis
Medium countertop basinMedium countertop basinModernFSBVWB47Avensis
Buxton bath shower mixerBrasswareTraditionalTPBUXBSMBuxton
Buxton basin mono mixerBrasswareTraditionalTPBUXMONOBuxton
Buxton bath pillar tapsBrasswareTraditionalTPBUXBATHBuxton
Buxton basin pillar tapsBrasswareTraditionalTPBUXBASINBuxton
Cedar basin pillar tapsBrasswareModernTPCEDBASINCedar
Cedar basin mini mixerBrasswareModernTPCEDMINICedar
Cedar deck mounted bath fillerBrasswareModernTPCEDDMBFCedar
Cedar bath shower mixerBrasswareModernTPCEDBSMCedar
Cedar bath pillar tapsBrasswareModernTPCEDBATHCedar
Cedar basin mono mixerBrasswareModernTPCEDMONOCedar
Geo 60cm basinBasinAtlas CommercialGEOWH60BA1 & GEOWH60BA2 & GEOWHPE & NLGWHSPEGEO
Geo 55cm BasinBasinAtlas CommercialGEOWH50BA1 & GEOWH50BA2 & GEOWHPE & NLGWHSPEGEO
GEO 55cm semi recessed basinSemi recessed basinAtlas CommercialGEOWHSR55BA1GEO
GEO wall hung WCWall hung WCAtlas CommercialGEOWHWHPGEO
Geo 45cm basinBasinAtlas CommercialGEOWH45BA1 & GEOWH45BA2 & GEOWHPEGEO
Geo 35cm left hand basinBasinAtlas CommercialGEOWHL35BA1GEO
GEO back to wall WCBack to wall WCAtlas CommercialGEOWHBWPAGEO
Kirkby non concussive basin tapsBrasswareAtlas CommercialTPKIRNONCKirkby
Kirkby sequential mixerBrasswareAtlas CommercialDMIXERKirkby
Kirkby mini mixerBrasswareAtlas CommercialTDOCMINIKirkby
Kirkby sequential thermostatic TMV3 tapBrasswareAtlas CommercialTPKIRTMV3/ TPKIRTMV3LONGKirkby
Laguna 56cm corner basinBasinModernLGWHCR56BA1Laguna Corner
Laguna 45cm corner basinBasinModernLGWHCR45BA1Laguna corner
Laguna close coupled corner WCClose coupled WCModernLGWHBWPAN & LGWHCRCI & CPKLGLaguna Corner
Lecico Steps close coupled WCClose coupled WCModernSTPWHPAN & STPWHPCILecico Steps
Lecico Steps Type S 60cm basinBasinModernSTPWH60BA1 & STPWHPE & STPWHSPELecico Steps
Sloped countertop bowlSloped free standing countertop bowlModernFSBSLOPELecico Steps
Stepped countertop bowlStepped countertop bowlModernFSBCWB466Lecico Steps
Lecico Steps type R wall hung bidetBidetModernRSWHBILecico Steps
Lecico Steps type R 90cm basinBasinModernRSWH90BA1Lecico Steps
Semi recessed countertop basinSemi recessed countertop basinModernFSBMWBSRLecico Steps
Lecico Steps type R 60cm basinBasinModernRSWH60BA1Lecico Steps
Lecico Steps Type S 53cm basinBasinModernSTPWH53BA1 & STPWHPE & STPWHSPELecico Steps
Large countertop basinLarge countertop basinModernFSBCWB70Lecico Steps
Lecico Steps type S 48cm basinBasinModernSTPWH48BA1Lecico Steps
Lecico Steps type R wall hung WCWall hung WCModernRSWHWHPLecico Steps
Lecico Steps type R 70cm basinBasinModernRSWH70BA1Lecico Steps
Medium countertop basinMedium countertop basinModernFSBVWB47Lecico Steps
Inset freestanding bowlInset countertop bowlModernFSBVVLecico Steps
Madison close coupled WCClose coupled WCModernMDWHPA & MDWHPCIMadison
Madison Round 50cm basinBasinModernMDWHR50BA1 & MDWHPE & MDWHSPEMadison
Madison Round 56cm basinBasinModernMDWHR56BA1 & MDWHPE & MDWHSPEMadison
Madison wall hung WCWall hung WCModernMDWHWHPMadison
Madison wall hung bidetBidetModernMDWHWHBIMadison
Madison Round 55cm semi recessed basinSemi recessed basinModernMDWHRSRBA1Madison
Madison Square 53cm semi recessed basinSemi recessed basinModernMDWHSSBA1Madison
Madison floor standing bidetBidetModernMDWHBIMadison
Madison Square 46cm basinBasinModernMDWHS46BA1 & MDWHPEMadison
Madison Square 50cm basinBasinModernMDWHS50BA1 & MDWHPE & MDWHSPEMadison
Madison back to wall WCBack to wall WCModernMDWHBWPAMadison
Madison Square 56cm basinBasinModernMDWHS56BA1 & MDWHPE & MDWHSPEMadison
Malaga 55cm short projection basinBasinModernMGWHSBA1 & RMWHPEMalaga
Malaga 45cm short projection basinBasinModernMGWH45BA1 & RMWHPEMalaga
Malaga 55cm semi recessed basinSemi recessed basinModernMGWHSRSBA1Malaga
Malaga wall hung WCWall hung WCModernMGWHWHPMalaga
Malaga close coupled WCClose coupled WCModernMGWHSPAN & MHWHPCIMalaga
Malaga back to wall WCBack to wall WCModernMGWHBWPAMalaga
Malaga 59cm BasinBasinModernMGWH59BA1 & RMWHPEMalaga
Mirimar basin pillar tapsBrasswareModernTPMIRBASINMirimar
Mirimar basin mono mixerBrasswareModernTPMIRMONOMirimar
Mirimar deck mounted bath fillerBrasswareModernTPMIRDMBFMirimar
Mirimar bath pillar tapsBrasswareModernTPMIRBATHMirimar
Mirimar bath shower mixerBrasswareModernTPMIRBSMMirimar
New Hamilton 63cm basinBasinTraditionalNCWH63BA1 & NCWH63BA2New Hamilton
New Hamilton back to wall WCBack to wall WCTraditionalNCWHBWPANew Hamilton
New Hamilton close coupled WCClose coupled WCTraditionalNCWHPA & NCWHCINew Hamilton
New Hamilton high level WCHigh level WCTraditionalNCWHLLPA & NCWHHLCINew Hamilton
New Hamilton low level WCLow level WCTraditionalNCWHLLPA & NCWHLCI & CPKHHLNCNew Hamilton
New Hamilton 58cm semi recessed basinSemi recessed basinTraditionalNCWHSR58BA1 & NCWHSR58BA2New Hamilton
Northbury deck mounted bath fillerBrasswareAtlas CommercialTPNORDMBFNorthbury
Northbury basin mono mixerBrasswareAtlas CommercialTPNORMONONorthbury
Northbury bath shower mixerBrasswareAtlas CommercialTPNORBSMNorthbury
Northbury bath pillar tapsBrasswareAtlas CommercialTPNORBATHNorthbury
Northbury basin pillar tapsBrasswareAtlas CommercialTPNORBASINNorthbury
Prado bath pillar tapBrasswareModernTPPRABATHPrado
Prado deck mounted bath fillerBrasswareModernTPPRADMBFPrado
Prado basin mono mixerBrasswareModernTPPRAMONOPrado
Prado bath shower mixerBrasswareModernTPPRABSMPrado
Prado basin pillar tapBrasswareModernTPPRABASINPrado
Roxton low level WCLow level WCTraditionalROXLPAN & ROXLLCIRoxton
Roxton close coupled WCClose coupled WCTraditionalROXCCPAN & ROCCIRoxton
Roxton 53cm BasinBasinTraditionalROX53BA2 & ROXPEDRoxton
Savannah 60cm basinBasinModernSVWH60BA1 & MMWHPE & NLGWHSPESavannah
Madison back to wall WCBack to wall WCModernMDWHBWPASavannah
Madison close coupled WCClose coupled WCModernMDWHPA & MDWHPCISavannah
Savannah 50cm basinBasinModernSVWH50BA1 & MMWHPE & NLGWHSPESavannah
Savannah 70cm basinBasinModernSVWH70BA1 & MMWHPE & NLGWHSPESavannah
Senner 54cm semi-recessed basinSemi recessed basinModernSENSR54BA1 & SENSR54BA2Senner
Senner 54cm BasinBasinModernSEN54BA1 & SENPED & MDWHSPESenner
Senner 60cm basinBasinModernSEN60BA1Senner
Senner 43cm basinBasinModernSEN43BA1 & SENPED & MDWHSPESenner
Senner Round WCClose coupled WCModernSENRDPAN & SENCISenner Round
Senner Square wall hung WCWall hung WCModernSENSQWLHGPANSenner Square
Senner Square WCClose coupled WCModernSENSQPAN & SENCISenner Square
Southbury deck mounted bath fillerBrasswareAtlas CommercialTPSOUDMBFSouthbury
Southbury bath pillar tapsBrasswareAtlas CommercialTPSOUBATHSouthbury
Southbury basin mono mixerBrasswareAtlas CommercialTPSOUMONOSouthbury
Southbury basin pillar tapsBrasswareAtlas CommercialTPSOUBASINSouthbury
Southbury bath shower mixerBrasswareAtlas CommercialTPSOUBSMSouthbury
Thornby basin mono mixerBrasswareAtlas CommercialTPTHOMONOThornby
Thornby bath pillar tapsBrasswareAtlas CommercialTPTHOBATHThornby
Thornby bath shower mixerBrasswareAtlas CommercialTPTHOBSMThornby
Thornby deck mounted bath fillerBrasswareAtlas CommercialTPTHODMBFThornby
Thornby basin pillar tapsBrasswareAtlas CommercialTPTHOBASINThornby
Wessex bath shower mixerBrasswareAtlas CommercialTPWESBSMWessex
Wessex basin pillar tapsBrasswareAtlas CommercialTPWESBASINWessex
Wessex bath pillar tapsBrasswareAtlas CommercialTPWESBATHWessex
Woburn basin pillar tapsBrasswareTraditionalTPWOBBASINWoburn
Woburn bath shower mixerBrasswareTraditionalTPWOBBSMWoburn
Woburn basin mono mixerBrasswareTraditionalTPWOBMONOWoburn
Woburn bath pillar tapsBrasswareTraditionalTPWOBBATHWoburn
Savannah 45cm basinBasinModernSVWH45BA1Savannah
Madison Round 45cm basinBasin - 45ModernMDWHR45BA1Madison
York 1700 Acrylic bathBathSquareBASQYOR177York
Harlow 1700 Acrylic bathBathRoundBARDHAR177Harlow
Atlas close coupled WC lever pan ASWHPANClose coupled WCAtlas CommercialASWHPAN & ASWHPPBCIAtlas
Pneumatic concealed cisternConcealed cisternConcealed cisternBTWPNEUMCIAtlas
Concealed cistern BTWLEVCIConcealed cisternConcealed cisternBTWLEVCIAtlas
Avensis Wall Hung WCWall Hung WCModernAVNWHWHPAvensis
Vienna Freestanding bowl basinBasinFree standing basinFSBTHRFree standing bowls
Geo Wall Hung Urinal with Back InletUrinalAtlas CommercialURGEOBACKVE/ URGEOBACKHOAtlas
Geo Wall Hung Urinal with Top InletUrinalAtlas CommercialURGEOTOPVE/ URGEOTOPHOAtlas
Atlas Rimless Wall Hung PanWall Hung panAtlas CommercialRIMWHWHPAtlas
Atlas Statite SeatSeatAtlas CommercialSTWHOAKAtlas
Comfort Height Round WCClose CoupledAdaptable LivingCOMRDNPA & AP-COMRDSCCOMBComfort Height
Thin Lipped round basin
BasinAdaptable LivingTLR55BA1 & TLR55BA2Comfort Height
Thin Lipped square basinBasinAdaptable LivingTLSQ55BA1 & TLSQ55BA2Comfort Height
Comfort Height square WCClose CoupledAdaptable LivingCOMSQNPA & AP-COMSQSCCOMBComfort Height
Atlas Professional Back to Wall WCBack to WallAtlas CommercialAP-BTWSCCOMBAtlas Professional
Space Saver WCClose CoupledSpace SaverSPSNPA & SPSCOMBSpace Saver
Atlas Professional Wall Hung Pan, Cistern & Fixing FrameWall HungAtlas CommercialASTWHWHP & AP-ASWALLHCOMBAtlas Professional
Atlas Professional Wall Fixing Frame, Cistern & FlushplateFixing FrameAtlas CommercialFRAMATPRO790Atlas Professional
Atlas Professional 50cm Semi-Recessed Square BasinBasinAtlas CommercialASWH2SR50BA1 & ASWH2SR50BA2Atlas Professional
Clinical 51cm Basin & Fix PackBasinAtlas CommercialASCLINICAL & BRCLINICALAtlas
Urinal Concealed cistern with autosyphon CisternAtlas CommercialURCONASYP1 & URCONASYP2 & URCONASYP3Atlas
Economy Comfort Height Close Coupled Lever WCClose CoupledAdaptable LivingCOMFASLEVWCComfort Height
Economy Comfort Height Close Coupled Push Button WCClose CoupledAdaptable LivingCOMFJUPBWCComfort Height
Economy Comfort Height Close Coupled Push Button WCClose CoupledAdaptable LivingCOMFJUSCPBWCComfort Height
Economy Comfort Height Low Level Lever WCLow LevelAdaptable LivingCOMFLLWCComfort Height
Thin Lipped 55cm Square Basin TLSQ55BA1 and TLSQ55BA2BasinAdaptable LivingTLSQ55BA1 & TLSQ55BA2H-Line