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What is a water label?


The scheme works very similarly to the energy label seen on white goods and...

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How the new Atlas Basin is helping redefine what a “commercial look” means


One of the aims of our commercial range has always been to avoid this by...

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“Alexa, order more toilet paper.”


Future-proofing is a buzzword that’s been going around a lot and it means...

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What's New?

Specification Manager

Date Added 01.10.21

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"We asked out team to tell us what Lecico means to them. The result is our new wall art in the office! It demonstrates who we are at Lecico and what we believe in. Of course it wouldn't be Lecico if we didn't throw in a few products for good measure! 😉🚽 "

#team #wallart


Product Information Assistant

Date Added 24.09.21

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