How the new Atlas Basin is helping redefine what a “commercial look” means

When thinking about perceptions of what a commercial looking bathroom is, bulky or unattractive products may come to mind.

One of the aims of our commercial range has always been to avoid this by creating products that are a fusion of style and functionality.

While redesigning our Atlas basin we thought about how we could create a modern revision of a classic. So what’s changed?

Our old Atlas wasn’t a product you would have necessarily aspired to put in a domestic environment. However, due to the new look we believe the Atlas range would now fit into most environments when a price sensitive option is needed.

This modern revision of the Atlas basin also helps to elevate the aesthetics of a commercial project. Just because you might be installing this basin into an industrial space doesn’t mean your new washroom can’t look smart, modern and fresh.

Thin Lip Technology 

With the on-going minimalistic trend within bathrooms we wanted to style the Atlas to fit in with this. By thinning out the ceramic on the front of the basin it gives a modern and cutting edge feel to the product while also allowing for a greater water holding capacity. The assumption may be that the addition of a thin lip would compromise the strength of the basin, however, this isn’t the case.  Due to the latest thin ceramic technology we’re still just as confident in the strength of our ceramic. That’s why the Atlas Professional basin comes with the same lifetime guarantee as all of our ceramics.

Flat Tap Platform

Due to recent decline in bar soap sales and use we decided a flat tap platform at the back of the basin would be more beneficial than keeping the soap recesses seen on the previous Atlas basin. This makes it both easier to clean and more stable as a surface for bottled soaps and accessories such as diffusers.  It also leaves nowhere for water to sit or pool,  thus reducing the risk of contamination and bacteria to grow such as legionnaires.

Options and variations

The Atlas basin will still be compatible with the Atlas full height pedestal (ASWHPE) and half height Semi Pedestal (NLGWHSPE). The Basin comes in 45cm, 50cm, 55cm options with one tap hole for use with a mixer tap or two holes for use with pillar taps. BiM/CAD drawings will be available for all variations. Data sheets are available for download from:

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