Atlas Collection Brochure

Lecico Bathrooms Atlas Pro ranges provide a wide range of solutions for commercial washrooms

Design Series Digital Brochure

Lecico Bathrooms Design Series consists of families of bathroom solutions to suit all tastes and budgets

REPEAT Materials®

Lecico Bathrooms exclusive REPEAT Materials® range of sustainable Shower Trays, Shower Panels & Bathroom Panels

Affordable Housing Solutions Brochure

Lecico Bathrooms Affordable Housing Solutions are ranges designed specifically for developers and social housing providers

Assisted Living Solutions Brochure

Lecico Bathrooms Assisted Living Solutions ranges are products designed specifically for less abled and disabled users

Education Solutions Brochure

Lecico Bathrooms Education Solutions ranges are designed specifically for schools and higher education providers

Water Saving Brochure

Lecico Bathrooms Water Saving ranges are designed to reduce water consumption through new, exciting, innovative and technologically advanced bathroom products

Propelair -The water-saving toilet

Propelair WCs are the highest performers under BREEAM’s water efficiency guidelines and use up to 84% less water than standard WC’s.

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