A lifetime of service

Lecico are committed to the highest standards of customer care. Our core objective is to maintain customer loyalty through exceptional products and service.

All of Lecico’s bathroom products come with an extensive manufacturer guarantee*. We offer:

  • Sanitaryware – Lifetime guarantee against any manufacturing defects on all vitreous ceramic products
  • Toilet seats – 5 year guarantee on seats apart from those specifically identified with shorter guarantee periods
  • Brassware – 5 year guarantee on all chrome finished taps & showers, 2 year guarantee on other finishes (such as black or copper)
  • Acrylic baths – 25 years guarantee on baths, 2 years on bath panels
  • Steel Baths – 15 years guarantee on bath thickness over 3mm, 2 years guarantee for baths less than 3mm thickness
  • Flushing mechanisms, concealed cisterns and wall mounting frames – 1 year guarantee
  • Furniture – 1 year guarantee against any manufacturing defect
  • Grab rails – 2 year guarantee against manufacturing defect

Great care is taken to ensure that products are always supplied in perfect condition. However, we always recommend that you check your purchase prior to installation.

*Guarantee Limitations

All product guarantees cover manufacturing defects only. Damage or failure caused by accidental damage, excessive wear and tear or faulty/improper/negligent installation will not be covered by this guarantee and you should seek recompense from your installation provider.

All guarantees cover the replacement of the original product with the same item if possible. If a product has become obsolete then an alternative similar product will be offered. The cost of re-installation is not covered by the guarantee.

Brassware guarantee does not cover damage covered by calcium deposits internally or externally to the visual appearance of taps or showers.

Bathroom furniture is designed to withstand the wet environment of a bathroom but does not include total immersion in water or exposure to constant leaks that go unattended.

Proof of purchase date is required to enable us to honour these guarantees, please keep your purchase receipts safe. It is not necessary to register with us to get your guarantee. All guarantees are transferable provided you have the orignial proof of purchase.

Regular Servicing

Bathroom products like many other products include moving parts, joints, connections and valves which will suffer over time if they are not serviced regularly. We recommend that you have your bathroom appliances checked annually by a competent and certified plumber and that you consider replacing flushing mechanisms as soon as there are signs of poor function or water leakage. Visit and look for information on “leaky loos” to see how much you could save your household and help the environment too.


Lecico has come a long way since its modest early beginning of manufacturing 1000 pieces of sanitaryware per day. The company was the pioneer in the ceramics business in the Middle East and its origin goes back to 1959 when it started its first manufacturing facility in Lebanon.

Proud of our Products

We are extremely proud of our products. This is why we offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our ceramic products and we have a 5-year guarantee on all of our soft close seats; ensuring peace of mind when you choose a Lecico bathroom.

Propelair -The water-saving toilet

Propelair WCs are the highest performers under BREEAM’s water efficiency guidelines and use up to 84% less water than standard WC’s.

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